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Do You Have A QR Tag On Your Collar? I Do. You Can Too

“That is a neat collar. What does that tag do?” This is one of the questions that I get when I am out. What is so special about my collar? It’s a Pethub collar and it has a QRscruff tag on it. 

If you find a lost pet and it has a PetHub tag on the collar, all you have to do is scan the QR tag with your smart phone. It will pull up the pets’ info,medical or food special needs along with a phone number so you can call their owner to alert them you have their dog or cat. 
Pethub QR code in Purple
I have had a red Pethub collar for over a year and I have to say, it’s been my favorite collar. I wanted a change in color so ma purchased me a purple collar. They have many many colors to choose from but purple is my favorite color of all. 
If your fur kid has a favorite collar or wants to change collars with each season like Jenny Sue, my sissy spaniel does, then they have a PetHub tag. The tag clips to the collar with a O ring like a microchip tag or rabies tag. They come in a variety of colors, size, shapes and I am sure you will find something you like. 
When you turn the tag over it has a QR code on the back. Scanning this will also take you to the pet profile page where you can see uploaded photos and info on how to contact the owner. 
PetHub tag in Navy Blue
If you don’t have a smart phone you can look up the number online at PetHub.com. There is a link on the top right that says ” I found a Pet“. Click the link, put the special code in and click “FETCH” There is the info to call.  
There are have different types of coverage you can purchase with the tags. The basic plan comes with a profile that pawents can set up with photos, info, things like special needs , etc. There is a 24/7 Found pet hotline number also This is free with the tag. 
They have a gold and silver plan also. 
With the purchase of the Silver plan ($39. a year) includes a alert when someone views the pet’s profile, you will get an email notification, and if they viewed it by scanning the QR code with a smartphone, any GPS data can be pulled from that smartphone then it is included in that email, so they know where to start looking for their pet. You can also send out a shelter alert and print posters. As soon as you know your pet is missing it , contact the customer call number or go to the website and click the link “Report a Lost Pet” then “Send out Shelter Alert”. it will contact all the area shelters with a Amber Alert in your area. 
With a Gold Plan ($49 a year) you get the same protection as you do with the silver plan but it has added benefits. It includes a $3,000 emergency insurance policy for if your pet gets injured while lost. So many dogs or cats get hit by cars when they are out on their own and this policy will help with those expenses. You can also purchase the policy for additional pets in the home for $5.00 but you must purchase the Gold Plan to do this. There are some exceptions to the plan but it’s well worth the coverage. 
These plans are only good in the United States right now. 
Now that I have told you about Pethub and their pawsome tags , I want to let you know they are having a contest. Its called “Tails of the Lost and Found” story contest. There are over $900. in prizes included! The contest ends on April 5 2013. Send in your stories of how your pet was lost and then found and you may win. Enter HERE 
The pawsome people at PetHub have given me a special code to share with my readers. I want all my friends to have a PetHub tag or collar like me so if you order yours just use this code and you will get 20% off of your tag! Yes, that is right, 20% just because you are a reader of my blog. Isn’t that pawtastic? Just use the special code “Carma20” you will get a tag with basic service
Ready for another surprise?? 
PetHub has allowed me to give away 3 FREE tags!! Be one of the first responses saying “I want to be a PetHub pup or kitty!” PetHub will send you a free QR tag with basic coverage!!! Yes they make tags for kitties too! How exciting is that?! I am super excited to know that 3 of my readers will be a PetHub kitty or Pup. I love my collar and I loved my tag before I had my collar and I know you will will be happy with yours too. 
If you aren’t one of the first but still want a tag don’t forget to use the Carma20 special code. Always microchip your pet as added protection. Most people will not think about taking your pet to a vet office, shelter , or humane society to see if it has a micro chip. With this tag, they can scan it , find out who the pet belongs to and get them back home quicker. Its 24/7 coverage. Most offices and shelters are not open on Sunday’s and the time the pawent and a pet is apart will be heartbreaking. 
I want to thank PetHub so very much for giving me a special code and 3 free tags to share with my readers. They have a pawsome customer service too. 
You can find Pethub on FaceBook and on Twitter
* 1 tag per email address either 1 cat or 1 dog basic tag

B/W Sunday Have you seen me?

My brudder Zen is still missing. We won’t stop till we find him. Zen, wherever you are, please know we miss you terribly!!!! 

RedBarn Natural Treats

Today we went to Rural King and while shopping we came across some treats. These are made by RedBarn Inc. and I seen the stamp that said “Made in U.S.A.” Thought, hmm let’s see what these are all about. Ma picked the bag up and looked all over it to see the tiny letters that say “Produced in China” but it wasn’t on the bag. She checked the other treats and they did’t have it on them either. Sounded good to her so in the cart they went.

These are called “Wooly Bullys”! For those of you who don’t know me personally, this is one of the names that my ma calls me. I have always been her wooly bully so I thought this treat was named after me. BOL! 

They are bully coated lamb ears. I am a die hard chickyum lover but I do love my lamb. My first thought was “what does bully coated mean?” This treat is loaded with natural antioxidants for the joints. Sure I am always up for trying out a new treat. I consider myself a professional treat tester because I am picky. It’s got to be good for me to eat it. 

I just read where the bully came from

Did you know that lamb ears are more nutritious than regular raw hides? They have more protein in them. These treats are slow roasted so they are crunchy but not overly hard. They are the pawfect size for most sized dogs. I wouldn’t recommend them for dogs who gulp their treats. There may be a choking hazard. If your dog like to savor their treat like I do or is small, medium, large or older then this is a great treat. 

The ingredients on the bag is lamb ears, beef liver, egg white, beef pizzle, chickyum fat, chickyum cartilage, salmon oil, and more. I know what you are saying, you want to know what beef pizzle is right? I had to google that word. We will say it’s bully stick gravy and its good. Chewing on Wooly Bullys also promotes healthy teeth and gums. 

Honestly I could have ate this whole bag by myself and my brudder, Scooby Doo and sissy spaniel agreed. They cost about $6.00 at Rural King but I have seen that you could order them through a variety of places online. 

I give Wooly Bully’s by RedBarn pet Products 4 paws up because I had to do  the happy roll after eating them. You can view their whole line of products on their website RedBarn. They also have a reward program you can sign up for on the site that sends you contest updates, freebies, product discounts, and they will be adding more soon.

This product has been Poodle approved! 

Does No Kill Equal Warehousing Pets?

   Recently someone made a comment on Facebook that got my poodle brain thinking. They said they were glad their shelter didn’t “warehouse” pets because pets shouldn’t have to live their lives in a shelter. To me , I took this as a jab to a no kill shelter. Since most no kill shelters do sometimes have pets for long periods of time, sometimes months or maybe possibly years. I didn’t take it personally but I knew it was toward no kill shelters in general. 

   You hear over and over how people want this to be a no kill nation. The start of a no kill nation is education. Educating about how important spay/ neuter programs are, being a responsible pet parent, adopting, and when saying “I Do” to a animal, it should be for life, just to name a few. But when I hear a comment on how they are glad their shelter doesn’t warehouse pets, I feel like that is a step backwards in making this a no kill nation. 

   If a shelter isn’t a no kill that means that they euthanize for space, temperament, or too sick to heal. I am sure many have seen a animal on your social media that everyone thought was too sick to save but they did it anyways, you have heard the stories of how dogs were once aggressive but once they got into the right hands,they became the loving and friendly. You know the stories, I am sure you can go to Facebook or twitter right now and see one. What this means is its mostly for space. 

   Most of us don’t want to hear anything about euthanasia. I know I don’t but it does go on everyday in thousands of shelters every single day. Shelters can’t continue to take every animal and not euthanize for space. There isn’t enough space for all the animals the public bring in daily. So does this mean the one that holds the syringe, plays the part of God? How do they chose which animal lives or dies? I have seen many shelters who euthanize, post a dog that has been there for 9 or 10 months but does this mean the one that came in two weeks ago lost their life because the shelter workers and volunteers weren’t as fond of them as this one? I have also seen many kill shelters raise funds to save a animal. The animal would have a vet bill of hundreds of dollars, yet some healthy animals would lose their lives that day. Why raise funds for one but kill others? 

   Let me tell you a story about a few “warehoused” dogs and cats.

One that was with us for 5 yrs. His name is Romper. Romper came to us in 2004 and he waited a year to be adopted. In 2007 he was brought back because he kept digging out under the fence and getting loose. His previous owner had enough and returned him. Romper waited patiently for 5 yrs for someone to love him. I am thankful for our staff and volunteers who take time with our animals to give them love, walks, attention they deserve. In 2012 a family came to look at our animals and they seen Romper sitting out in the field just looking at them. He just sat there. Year after year he was passed up so why get excited? This was one of the things this family liked about him, they also loved his size , coat color , they loved everything about him. They went up and was introduced to Romper and the man said there was something in his eyes that said he was the dog for their family. Romper didn’t know how to act. 5 yrs? Now someone wanted him? Yes they did. 

We get updates on Romper often. He is living life, loving life and now is a part of a family with children that he loves. Do you think Romper would have opportunity to be loved and to love someone if he wasn’t in a no kill shelter? No he would have been dead. 

What about Camper? Camper was a 15 yr old dog who lived his whole life on a heavy chain. He was thin and had a bad back leg, cataracts and horrible teeth. He was only fed a handful of dry food everyday but because of his teeth the poor guy couldn’t eat it. When he came to us he was dragging his back legs. We thought we would be Campers forever home. We were wrong. A lady came by to drop off donations and seen Camper and couldn’t stand the thought of him living his life in a shelter. She adopted him. She also had handicapped and senior pets in her home so Camper was more than welcomed. 

Camper finally had a soft bed, soft food and showed more love than he ever knew in his life. Would he have had a chance to find out what love really was if he wasn’t in a no kill shelter? The answer is no. Sadly Camper passed away within a year of leaving our shelter but he still lives forever in our hearts. 

What about Lois? Lois was a senior kitty who had been with us for almost 5 yrs. She watched many leave to go to new homes and she just waited because she knew her day would finally come, and it did.

   Lois passed away in 2012. Lois finally knew what having a home and someone to love her was. Would she had been given that chance? No she would not have. 
  More kitties are euthanized each day than dogs. Some kitties may get surrendered to a shelter and never make it into a cage or have a last meal. This is a sad statistic
   Not all no kill animals wait as long as these few have. Some are surrendered and within weeks or maybe a couple months find the homes. There are those who wait years but while they are in a no kill shelter, they have food, beds. fresh water, shelter, yearly vaccines and love. If we are their last home than so be it. It won’t stop us from continuing to search for a home for them. 
Some don’t know they are sheltered animals. They call it their home. Home is where your heart is, right? 

How long will I wait? 
Shy – adoptable beagle from the Owensboro Humane Society 
Email OHS for information about Shy

#WW- Nightly Crunchy Treat

My 7 pm tasty treat but I only get one

Duck Feet

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Have a Great Week

It’s been 2 yrs since we had any snow that was worth barking about.
Since so many of my fur friends have posted snow photos, I thought I would too. 
We have a chance tonight of  getting a inch or maybe two.
 My paws are crossed we get enough to play in. 

Regardless of whether we have it or not 
I hope that you are walking into a great week! 

March is "National Adopt a Guinea Pig" Month

Since March is “National Adopt a Guinea Pig” month, today’s blog post is giving a high paw to Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy was surrendered to the Owensboro Humane Society a few months back. She was a child’s guinea pig who’s mom got tired of taking care of since her child lost interest in her as a pet. Miss piggy is 4 yrs old. 
When Miss Piggy was surrendered ma said she would foster her until a home could be found for her. The office at the Humane Society houses free roaming kitties so that was no place for a guinea pig to be. 

After a few days, my family figured out that apparently Miss Piggy had spent her whole life in the cage, never being able to come out to get exercise or never socialized. We have read where it’s best to have 2 guinea pigs since they are social creatures but ma says 1 is enough. A few days after we got her, we let her settle in, that is when we decided she needed a bigger cage plus hers was cracked on the bottom so ma was afraid she might be pinching her feet on the plastic. When she took her out of the cage and inspected her for fleas and general health. Miss Piggy’s nails were so long that they were curled around 3 or 4 times! Ma and dad worked slowly and cautiously to clip her nails as much as they could without getting in the quick that grew really long. 

You couldn’t see the curly toe if the photo was b/w
Another photo of curly nails

After they clipped her nails, ma and sissy Sarah gave her a bath because she stunk like pee. Miss Piggy did not like that bath , she was so scared. Sissy Sarah wrapped her up in a thick towel and held her while ma cleaned up the mess that was made when Miss Piggy first got wet. Then ma took Miss Piggy and sat in front of a heater to warm her up. Miss Piggy started talking up a storm. She makes noises that sound like a little whistle. When they went to change her bedding, ma said the cage was so stained and the pee pee was a inch thick so she soaked the bottom of the cage. After 2 days of rinsing, the smell wouldn’t come out so that is when Miss Piggy got to upgrade her home to a dog crate that she was temporarily staying in. 

Miss Piggy loved all the room she had. She would run around the cage, flip over on her side and roll or just stretch out as far as she could. Things were looking up for Piggy as she is called now. One thing Piggy did was found a way into Ma’s heart. See, this is why ma isn’t a good foster! She is a failure, yep I said it!! My mother is a FOSTER FAILURE! But that is a good thing 🙂 

she loves to cuddle with ma

Now Piggy’s life routine is getting brought out of the cage almost daily to be socialized, having her nails clipped and a monthly bath.She doesn’t mind any of it now. 

This also means us, fur kids, get to socialized with her. When ma cleans her cage out weekly , Piggy gets the run of the kitchen. Ma blocks us off but we can still see her. In the evenings when ma brings Piggy out she gets to play in a blanket. Piggy loves to burrow herself in the blanket. Sometimes she will snuggle with ma on the bed and watch TV. Yes , Miss Piggy likes to watch TV. She likes “House Hunters” or ” Say Yes to the Dress” 

Now she likes to play on the carpet with us

 When she wants Piggy can now get on the carpet in the living room and we all can play. Piggy has no problem chasing us around the room now. It’s all fun and it doesn’t last long but we don’t mind. When piggy is ready to go back to her house , she does it by herself. 

Ma and Sissy Sarah chuckle when they see Piggy walking. Those little legs can sure move. BOL! Now Piggy has gotten to the point to where if ma is gone for a while when she walks in the house, Piggy lets out a high pitch squeals that sounds like woof whistles. It makes ma feel good that someone notices her! Piggy has found her forever home. I am glad that Piggy likes us and likes to socialize with us. I am happy that they lady brought Piggy to the Humane Society because if it wasn’t for that , we would have never had the pleasure of knowing what it was like to have a guinea pig as part of the family. 

Did you know that you can find guinea pigs in shelters and rescues? Next time you want to get a guinea pig before buying one in a store, I ask you to please search on Petfinder.com. I am sure you will find one that is waiting for you. 
Since this is Black and White Sunday I hope you liked Piggy’s black and white photos. I have not figured out how to make b/w videos but I hope it caused you to smile. 


Thank you to our blog host Dachshund Nola ,YDWWYW

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Seresto Flea/Tick Collar- Product Review

When I went to BarkWorld in Sept 2012, I was chosen to be on a Bayer test panel for a flea collar called Seresto. At first, I thought “hey I don’t have fleas”! But there is a reason for this. I use Advantix to prevent them. The only thing I don’t like about using Advantix is that when I get my monthly treatment, I am not allowed on the couch until my fur dries. The microfiber couch will suck the flea treatment right off my fur and it leaves a greasy feeling spot. My first question on this collar was “can I get on the couch right away?” They said “Yes” that was music to my ears! 

I am a one collar girl so I didn’t know how this flea collar would feel considering most flea collars are stiff. Ma put the collar on me and I didn’t mind having the second collar. It is lightweight yet durable and it came with 3 reflective clips that give it the bling look. Now are you ready for the BIG news? This collar not only REPELS and KILLS fleas, ticks and lice but it does it for up to 8 MONTHS! Yes,up to 8 MONTHS! It’s also Waterproof so you don’t have to remove it when you get baths or go swimming. Its odorless, non greasy and can be used on puppies as young as 7 weeks and kittens as young as 10 weeks. 
This collar has been used in the UK for 1 yrs and has been deemed safe and effective but it was released in the US in Feb. 2013. If you register with Petparents you can save $20.00 off the collar. The collar retails for around $70 but when you add up how much you are spending for your current flea/tick treatment you will see the savings. If I were to use Frontline Plus and bought it at Walmart at $42 for a 3 pk that would be over $100 for a 8 mth coverage and we have to remember to get my monthly treatment. With the collar you put it on and forget about it for 8 mths. 

The reflective tags makes it easy to see me at night. I am invisible to fleas and ticks. 

I feel stylish in my collar and I know I am protective from bugs that can spread disease
The reflective tags makes it look like I am wearing jewelry. Yet I don’t look like I am wearing a flea collar. 
The collar comes in small/medium and large for dogs and a one size fits all cats.The cats collar has a quick release just like other kitty collars for their safety. 
You can watch videos here 
The two main ingredients are midacloprid has been used in products recommended by veterinarians for years to control flea infestations. Flumethrin works to repel and kill ticks. Already used in Europe, this effective active ingredient now comes to the US.
Flumethrin works together with imidacloprid to provide dual action against fleas and ticks. No other treatment has this combination of ingredients 
I have been using this collar for a month and a half and I am proud to say I haven’t had a flea or a tick bother me. You can purchase a Seresto collar at your veterinarian, 1-800 pet meds, Petco, and many other places. 
If you would like more information you can read it here  SERESTO
Will I buy another collar when the effectiveness of this one runs out? CERTAINLY! 

Disclaimer: I was given this Seresto Collar as a demo from the Bayer Company and I am expressing my own opinion on the product. Some information came from the Seresto website.