Wednesday Woe

I got in trouble this morning . Daddy let Scooby Doo out to go home and I pushed my way past daddy and shot out the door.Reason I did was because that black and white cat was out there hiding under daddy’s car, so I took off after it and I stopped for a second but Scooby took off across the street after it so I shot across the street and passed Scooby up. Apparently daddy told ma what I had done and when I come around the back of the house that I chased the cat to, there was ma standing.
 She had the look on her face, that ” you’re in big trouble” look , I know you all know what I am talking about, you know THE look. Oh wow, she gave me a ear full of “you know better then to cross that street!” and reminded me of the rules and what could have happened if there was a car coming. I kept looking at her with my I really am SORRY look but it didn’t do a bit of good. Not one bit, to top it off, she said I was a BAD Carma. Maybe it was that I was bad (pause)Carma but all I heard was Bad Carma. Daddy didn’t make it any better because he told her he didn’t even see the cat when he opened the door! Wow Thanks Daddy 
Ma never calls me bad. Ok I lied, she has a time or two told me that I was bad because of doing something I knew I shouldn’t have done. I don’t like that word BAD. Don’t like it a bit. I am GOOD Carma, I know I am. But now ma is upset with me and I don’t like that neither. I have to make sure I am a good girl the rest of the day cause I really gave my pawrents a scare. 
I know NEVER, NEVER, NEVER cross the road without supervision. I know this but I did it anyways. So this will be known as my Wednesday woe blog post. I just wasn’t thinking, that is all.  Fur pals, please don’t ever cross the street without a human with you, think before you dart out the door, if you mess up make sure you come back right away. Stay safe on the street. Your life can depend on it, 
Good Carma Poodale 



  1. Carma, I am glad you are okay. Your ma loves you and just wants you safe, cutie pie!

  2. I know Carol. It was not a smart thing for me to do. I will not do it again (Hopefully) xoxoxo

  3. Ohh Sweet Carma, I'm glad your okay, you never know what can happen in a split second. We know your a good Carma. πŸ™‚ Sometimes we just don't think before acting.

  4. Aw Carma! You've got to be more careful. I'm glad you're ok and you learned your lesson πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Petey. You are right it was one of those moments when I wasn't thinking.

  6. Yes I did. I don't like my ma is upset with me. Thank you for visiting my blog! Happy tail wags

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