Nothing to Wear

I don’t have a thing to wear. Sure wish ma would take me shopping. 



  1. Did you score big or what? What a loot you got there!! 🙂

  2. These are my old clothes. Ma and I have been cleaning my drawers out and this is either what fits me or has no holes. I had to throw away my most favorite boots because ma said the fabric has seen the last of their good days. A few shirts have tiny holes in them that can be fixed.

  3. I have to give ma a high paw because she made me 75% of my clothes. Good thing there is a fabric store 3 blocks from my house. We scour the discount bin all the time.

  4. BOL!!! You have more clothes than I do!! BOL!!! You look fabulous! Hugs,Pepper

  5. You need to get your mama to start sewing some more. I have a few store bought items and the rest is my ma's skills. Thank goodness for McCalls, Simplicity and Butterick! BOL!

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