Bath Bargaining

I am one of those fur kids that don’t mind a bath. Prefer not to take them but if I can do something fun like run in my field and mole dig, I won’t protest a bath. Today was one of those days. 

Ma said I was starting to smell “Gamey” and by that she meant that I had a slight doggie odour. I groaned at her because I really didn’t want to take a bath. Then she said “if I took you to run would you be more willing to take a bath?” My ears perked up. RUN? Did I hear her say RUN? She grabbed her keys and pointed out the door. Off the couch I jumped and shot out the door and went and sat by the car. Sometimes my ma can be so SLOW. 

We drove down to the end of the road and pulled off to the side. Ma asked me if I wanted to run but if I did would I be willing to get a bath. I said Yup! Here is the video of the conversation and my adventure. 

As you see I had a wonderful time! 
 I really wasn’t ready to go and I sure wished that I could go play some more but I will take what I get. 

I am happy to take a bath! 

Here I am all nice and clean! In the morning I will get my face shaved, nails done and a brush out

Thanks ma! Now can I have a treat? 



  1. Carma you have the right attitude. I do hope I get to BarkWorld so that you can have an intervention with Lulu about baths.Christie from

  2. I hope you can come too. I will have a talk with Lulu about the benefits of a bath as long as there is lots of fun attached to it. Happy tail wags

  3. Looks to me like you had lots of fun! I'm finally getting to the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop but couldn't help commenting on this Friday adventure!Love the videos!~Lyvonne

  4. That made me smile!!!!

  5. Just wait till you see next Wednesday Blog! I think you are going to like it. Thank you for stopping by. Happy tail wags!

  6. I love to share smiles.I am happy to hear that I made you smile. Happy tail wags!

  7. You look great after your bath.

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