Christmas for my Fur Friends

Today a gentleman met ma and me at our local pet food store to buy food for our Humane Society. He had sent at donation check and a note asking for someone to call him to schedule a meeting. Ma called him and they set the date for today to meet at the store. He was such a nice man. We walked through the store and found all the food we could that was on sale so we could make our $$ go farther. Ma had been collecting coupons also for this day and we had $15 worth of coupons to go along with the sale prices. 
After we were ready to check out I seen that some of the raw hides were on sale and since I was feeling the Christmas spirit because of this gentleman, I asked ma if I could buy for my canine fur friends. She said yes but we had to stretch our money. 

I went sniffing. What should I get for my friends? I sniffed and sniffed until I found something for all of them. I got them long lasting rawhides to help with their boredom at night while we were closed. Nothing is better than a good chew late at night. Sure I could have got a big box of Milkbone but those things are gone in a heart beat. I wanted something that would last. 

Lets see do I have enough? 

I got big chews for the big dogs,bags of small chews for the small to medium dogs. But there was something that caught my eye for my fur friend, Dozer. You know he is really special to me. He is actually pretty nice to me and always gives me a smile and tail wag followed by a “hellllooo”! He needed something extra special and when I seen it, I knew it was for him. 

Wonder where I should put this? 
I know I will put it on his blanket! 
I put all the presents in everyone else’s kennels so they would be surprised when they got in there. Some of them I hid their presents so they would eat their dinner first.

 When Dozer went into his kennel , he looked like he was a little sad. I know kennels must be boring. He got a drink of water, ate his food and when he went to lay down on his bed, he spotted his present. Boy, did his tail wag! He sniffed it, stood back and looked at it, sniffed it again. He didn’t know what to do with it because it was almost as long as his body!! He looked around with a big smile on his face and he seen me standing in the doorway. I barked “Merry Christmas,my Friend!” and he asked me if I got that for him. I said “yes, I did because you deserve it”. 

His tail wagged and wagged. He rolled on it, he through it up in the air, he finally chewed on it. Then he stopped, stepped back and pounced it. He threw it around, rolled on it some more then he chewed on it a little more. He looked so happy. 

He looked at me and his eyes sparkled. He was happy with his gift. He gave ma a kiss but I did’t let him give me one because I didn’t want the other dogs spreading rumors about us. Ma and I headed home. I felt really good about what I picked out for my friends. I made them happy. Now I know that while I am laying here on my couch, my fur friends are busy chewing their raw hides. Some may be playing with them , some may be chewing on them but at least they aren’t bored. 

You know it doesn’t take much to make a shelter dog happy. They may not have a foster, they may not have a home, but they have food in their tummy, and a roof over their heads and people who take care of them. 

I would love if everyone that reads this post would pick up a some rawhides to take to a shelter near you. It helps with boredom of those long lonely nights, a good rawhide chew can make the nights better for those who have to sit in kennels all night. 

Only thing I regret is that I didn’t pick one up for myself. 

 If you pick up some chews for your shelter I would love to have a photo of it. You can post them on my FaceBook wall (Carma Poodale) or Twitter (@Carmapoodale) or email me! them and I will post them

Paw it forward!



  1. That was so sweet of you Carma!

  2. You have a big heart Carma…Dozer and all the pups must be very happy that you're their furriend *snoogles*

  3. Yous is the bestest!!!! Me is sure they will LOVES their chewies!Kissesnellie

  4. What a great idea Carma! What a sweet thing to do!

  5. I just want to bring awareness to how to help a shelter pet this Christmas. Thank you for stopping by

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love my fur friends and just want to make their Christmas a little more merry.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Oh they all loved their chewies. I couldn't believe that Dozer ate his whole chew

  8. It doesn't take much to make a shelter pet happy. Just letting them know that someone cares is more than more can ask for. Paw it forward

  9. It's lovely to spread a little cheer to those that need it.

  10. This is a really fantastic post. I was just going to donate bunches of gently used toys. But now I will take Mom to the pet store first and get food and lots of big bones to chew on. Thanks for being so nice and caring. BearHUG !

  11. They will also love the gently used toys. Those are always fun. Thanks for caring about shelter pets who are patiently waiting for homes of their own!

  12. That's awesome Carma – the entire story!~Lyvonne

  13. Awww, Carma…you have a heart of gold. XOThanks so much for visiting our blog today! It's so nice to meet you. (don't tell…but Glogirly loves poodles. She had a wonderful poodle named Brandy when she was growing up and says he was the smartest and sweetest doggy she ever had) xo, Katie (the CAT)

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog too. I am sure happy to hear that Glogirly loves poodles. Hope to see you both at BarkWorld next year and I will give her my special poodle hugs. Have a great day.

  15. Thank you. You know Dozer ate his chew in 2 DAYS! That boy has jaws of steel.

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