So You Want to Get a Ferret? Things you Should Know

About a month ago we went to the pet store and were visiting with all the small animals. Jenny Sue caught the smell of the bunnies. She instantly stood up on the cage and started talking in a soft low sound. Jenny Sue was raised with a rabbit. When the pawents adopted her they had a very large lop ear rabbit named Prince. Prince was a house rabbit and him and Jenny Sue became bestest friends from day one. They slept together, they played together and they loved each other.
Prince would run around free in the house and one day the pawents went to work and ma didn’t make sure his cage was latched shut. She swears that it was and that Jenny Sue unlatched it so they could play. But while the pawents were at work, Prince got behind the TV and chewed up all the wires. It looked like someone threw confetti back there! Dad almost had a heart attack when he seen the damage. Ma was thankful it didn’t burn the house down. Prince lived till he was either 10 or 11 yrs old. Then we think he got bit by a spider out in the yard. I know ma and Jenny Sue really miss Prince and when our other rabbit passed away,the pawents decided to take a break from being rabbit owners. Ma always has wanted another rabbit but dad says no. The damage that Prince had caused to not only the TV, stereo, Christmas tree cords, or any electrical cord he could find is still fresh in their minds.

With wanting small animals like rabbits or ferrets, their are things to consider. Sure rabbits are cute but they really are not like cats like people think. Yes you can potty train them but don’t think they will be 100 % accurate. Anyone that tells ma that their rabbit uses the potty box 100% of the time , just hasn’t found the pellets laying around the house BOL!

But when considering a ferret or a rabbit you should do your research first to see if its the pet for you. If you rent a home you may want to check with your landlord first. My friends, Informed Ferret, has blogged about some of the things to know when renting. She is my guest blogger today. Jo knows about ferrets. She has some of her own and has been a ferret mama for years.

Enlightened Ferret: Know Your Landlord’s Rules About Ferrets

A little about her and the blog-> I am AmyJo better known as Jo and I am a freelance writer and blogger. This blog is about ferret ownership and is created with the help of my ferrets both past and present

So if you want to get a pet for Christmas please be aware that if you are giving it as a gift to a child that YOU will be the one who takes care of it. I don’t see anything wrong with pets for Christmas as long as it has been a decision that your family has made months ago. I was a Christmas gift! But my pawents had already decided to get another dog in July but they hadn’t seen one that caught their attention until ME. It just happened to be around Christmas when they found me.

Please think before you adopt or get a pet. Think to yourself , if this was July would I still want to get this pet? Do I have time for it? Is the whole family involved? Nothing is more heartbreaking than to see a lot of pets find homes for Christmas, only to returned in Jan. Some of those returned pets never have a chance again.

Please after you read the blog from the Enlightened Ferret, just let her know that I sent you. She has many other post about ferrets and their care. If you are thinking about getting one for your home then this would be a great place to start learning more about them.

Tail wags to you !



  1. Great Post!Thanks for sharing the Prince story and for giving us the link to the enlightened Ferret!

  2. Jo

    Thank you for letting us be a part of your blog. I am often asked if I recommend having a ferret for a pet but instead of saying "But of course they are for everyone." I say just the oppisite and make it very clear that ferrets are HIGH maintance. Great post.

  3. Ferrets are very high maintenance just like cats and dogs… well maybe even moreso lol.

  4. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the Enlightened Ferret blog as much as I do!

  5. I agree. Some people see them in the stores and think that they will be like a guinea pig or hamster and they are more high maintenance than that. They need much more exercise and sometimes landlords don't allow them. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Thank you for allowing us to use your post. Rabbits and ferrets are readily sold in the stores but most people who rent don't know their landlords sometimes don't allow them like hamsters or gerbils. Your blog is so informative when it comes to taking care of ferrets. If we ever take the steps to become a ferret family we will definitely be sure to do more research and your blog is the first place we will look.

  7. Good post!I think (at least some people) are getting a lot better about being careful and thinking it through before getting dogs and cats. However, I think the little critters, ferrets, bunnies, rats, etc. still often end up being impulse purchases, without enough thought or research. This is likely because people think of these critters as being low maintenance. However, this is not always the case, depending on the animals and the family! (Or, on the flip side, after the first month the animal gets pretty much neglected and left in its cage all the time.) Also, many people forget that small critters get sick too. And the vet bills can add up, depending on what is wrong. I have 4 rats and 2 mice currently. Three of the rats came from our local SPCA. Two were surrendered together, the third was surrendered separately. The have a forever home with me now, though!cheers,Mary

  8. I've sniffed those things too Carma but mom sez "no way!" Geez hoomins are no fun some times *snoogles*

  9. Thank you for visiting! I just know that some people think these animals are easy to care for and that landlords allow them so I was happy when AmyJo allowed me to use her post. I am happy to see you are a rescuer/forever mom too. That made my tail wag happy!

  10. I know what you mean Gizmo. No matter how much I say I will help take care of it Dad still says no.

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