@WW Miss Piggy

Its cold out there for a piggy! 



  1. I don't blame her, I hate the cold!Nubbin wiggles,Oskar

  2. Cutie pie!

  3. Miss Piggy is SO cute! I love her! That hat looks quite dashing on her too. 🙂

  4. Miss Piggy is adorable! 🙂

  5. me too. but I like my clothes

  6. Thank you she is cute and talks cute.

  7. Thank you! She does like sporting her hat.

  8. Thank you, Edna, You should see her walk. Now that is adorable!

  9. Miss Piggy is rocking that hat, we love the ear flaps!

  10. She's cold, with all that fur?

  11. jen

    Oh I love the hat! We just bought Gibby a fleece bed to keep him warm this winter!

  12. Cute piggy, love the hat!

  13. she loves to snuggle under a blanket with us. We were very surprised that she was a snuggler but now when she sees the blankey we use for her she talks and talks. She makes the sweetest sounds.

  14. We thought it was adorable too. She wouldn't wear the matching scarf. BOL!

  15. She is a snuggler. We didn't know guineas like to snuggle but she loves when she sees the blankey ma uses with her. Thanks for visiting !

  16. Thank you.

  17. So sweet, you sure won't be cold!! :)I hope you're having a fun day, Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  18. Aw, what a cutie!

  19. That's a very cute guinea pig!

  20. You make a wonderful Santa! Meow-y Christmas; hugs & belly rubs!

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