Wordless Wednesday -After Barkday Dinner



  1. Looks like you had an excellent dinner Carma. Happy Barkday!

  2. You look very satisfied with your dinner! Happy Barkday! Hugs,Pepper

  3. I bet that was some nommy dinner Carma…You look very pleased

  4. Cute pink tongue Carma!

  5. Nom nom nom… lucky dog got KFC-hickyum!lol!Christie from lifewithbeagle.com

  6. Thank you, I did. My friend got me a gift certificate to KFC for my Barkday so hopefully ma and I can do lunch together there.

  7. I get to eat there again soon. Since my friend got me gift certificate to KFC ma says we will do lunch together soon. YAY

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Wags

  9. oh yes I was. I love barkday dinners!

  10. Yes I was. Hugs and wags

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