Sunday B/W -Scooby doo



  1. Hee hee, look at that cheesy grin.

  2. What a great smile!KissesNellie

  3. Ready for adventure! 🙂

  4. Hi! We found you on the blog hop!Aw! What a sweet smile!xoxoMarquie, Lassie & Petal

  5. Happy you found me on the blog hop. I have found many great blogs on hops like these. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. I appreciate it. Wags

  6. Hi Roxy! Yep Scooby always has a smile for the camera. He loves having his photos taken. Thank you for stopping by! Wags

  7. Hi Coralee! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are always ready for adventures. Wags

  8. Thanks for stopping by Nellie! Wags

  9. Awww!!! So cute! I think he's about to say something too!

  10. Woof! Woof! I see your teeth … Happy Black n White SUNDAY. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. jen

    Look at that sweet face!

  12. Love the teefers 🙂

  13. What a cute face!

  14. Wow, it's cute dog.

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