March is "National Adopt a Guinea Pig" Month

Since March is “National Adopt a Guinea Pig” month, today’s blog post is giving a high paw to Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy was surrendered to the Owensboro Humane Society a few months back. She was a child’s guinea pig who’s mom got tired of taking care of since her child lost interest in her as a pet. Miss piggy is 4 yrs old. 
When Miss Piggy was surrendered ma said she would foster her until a home could be found for her. The office at the Humane Society houses free roaming kitties so that was no place for a guinea pig to be. 

After a few days, my family figured out that apparently Miss Piggy had spent her whole life in the cage, never being able to come out to get exercise or never socialized. We have read where it’s best to have 2 guinea pigs since they are social creatures but ma says 1 is enough. A few days after we got her, we let her settle in, that is when we decided she needed a bigger cage plus hers was cracked on the bottom so ma was afraid she might be pinching her feet on the plastic. When she took her out of the cage and inspected her for fleas and general health. Miss Piggy’s nails were so long that they were curled around 3 or 4 times! Ma and dad worked slowly and cautiously to clip her nails as much as they could without getting in the quick that grew really long. 

You couldn’t see the curly toe if the photo was b/w
Another photo of curly nails

After they clipped her nails, ma and sissy Sarah gave her a bath because she stunk like pee. Miss Piggy did not like that bath , she was so scared. Sissy Sarah wrapped her up in a thick towel and held her while ma cleaned up the mess that was made when Miss Piggy first got wet. Then ma took Miss Piggy and sat in front of a heater to warm her up. Miss Piggy started talking up a storm. She makes noises that sound like a little whistle. When they went to change her bedding, ma said the cage was so stained and the pee pee was a inch thick so she soaked the bottom of the cage. After 2 days of rinsing, the smell wouldn’t come out so that is when Miss Piggy got to upgrade her home to a dog crate that she was temporarily staying in. 

Miss Piggy loved all the room she had. She would run around the cage, flip over on her side and roll or just stretch out as far as she could. Things were looking up for Piggy as she is called now. One thing Piggy did was found a way into Ma’s heart. See, this is why ma isn’t a good foster! She is a failure, yep I said it!! My mother is a FOSTER FAILURE! But that is a good thing 🙂 

she loves to cuddle with ma

Now Piggy’s life routine is getting brought out of the cage almost daily to be socialized, having her nails clipped and a monthly bath.She doesn’t mind any of it now. 

This also means us, fur kids, get to socialized with her. When ma cleans her cage out weekly , Piggy gets the run of the kitchen. Ma blocks us off but we can still see her. In the evenings when ma brings Piggy out she gets to play in a blanket. Piggy loves to burrow herself in the blanket. Sometimes she will snuggle with ma on the bed and watch TV. Yes , Miss Piggy likes to watch TV. She likes “House Hunters” or ” Say Yes to the Dress” 

Now she likes to play on the carpet with us

 When she wants Piggy can now get on the carpet in the living room and we all can play. Piggy has no problem chasing us around the room now. It’s all fun and it doesn’t last long but we don’t mind. When piggy is ready to go back to her house , she does it by herself. 

Ma and Sissy Sarah chuckle when they see Piggy walking. Those little legs can sure move. BOL! Now Piggy has gotten to the point to where if ma is gone for a while when she walks in the house, Piggy lets out a high pitch squeals that sounds like woof whistles. It makes ma feel good that someone notices her! Piggy has found her forever home. I am glad that Piggy likes us and likes to socialize with us. I am happy that they lady brought Piggy to the Humane Society because if it wasn’t for that , we would have never had the pleasure of knowing what it was like to have a guinea pig as part of the family. 

Did you know that you can find guinea pigs in shelters and rescues? Next time you want to get a guinea pig before buying one in a store, I ask you to please search on I am sure you will find one that is waiting for you. 
Since this is Black and White Sunday I hope you liked Piggy’s black and white photos. I have not figured out how to make b/w videos but I hope it caused you to smile. 


Thank you to our blog host Dachshund Nola ,YDWWYW



  1. Aww Carma what a great story! I love it when guinea pigs make their cute wheeking noise! I used to help care for so many little piggies, I sure do miss them. Now Miss Piggy will be able to live out a happy life!

  2. What a pretty little Piggy!! So glad she found a great home, and now able to have so many more (and happy) experiences in her little life!

  3. I'm afraid SlimDoggy would eat a guinea pig…

  4. Kat

    Aww, way to go for adopting Miss Piggy! We had a guinea pig and named him Dilbert. He was sooo adorable! We bought him off a family whose kids got bored of him. Happy Sunday 🙂

  5. Hi, there! I found your blog while searching for Guinea Pig Month topics; I'm so glad I did.You are definitely a 100% Foster Mom failure! But that's a very good thing! I am so happy Miss Piggie was able to find a loving Forever Home that can give her all the love, care, and attention she deserves.And what a beautiful black coat! … The sign of a very happy piggie, indeed :DBest wishes from Oregon,Brianraise money for guinea pigs

  6. I am so happy you found me and read her story. She has come a long way in a couple of months but still has a way to go. Trying to get a adult guinea to adjust to a new life isn't easy but she does put her best paw forward. Thank you for visiting and reading about Miss Piggy.

  7. Piggy dug her way in to all of our hearts. Most of the people who were wanting to adopt her was wanting her for their small children and we know that it wasn't the right home because of this. I am sad but happy to hear you also got your guinea from a family who were bored of it. I bet Dilbert had a great life with you. Thank you for visiting!

  8. That is what dad told ma I would do. I love to mole dig and I have found a few nest and killed the babies before but it was by accident, I swear. But through guidance and supervision we have all become friends with Piggy. Sometimes I do bop her on the head with my nose but its only play.

  9. Piggy sure can have some wild hair days just like me. We trying to be the best home for her. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about our Piggy.

  10. That is the word I was looking for, Its not a whistle its a wheek! I will have to remember that. Did you rescue guineas? I think Piggy is really neat. She likes to run under my belly and between my legs. She can sure get a poodle hopping. BOL!

  11. What a great pet Piggy is! me thinks she really likes her new home and we can tell yous guys really likes her!KissesNellie

  12. Piggy is so cute!! So glad Piggy found you (all)!

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