3 Days Till BarkWorld 2012

It’s Monday the 22nd of Oct. and the clock is a ticking to the countdown to BarkWorld. I have had my hair cut and done my shopping for me but ma and sissy Sarah have a few more things to get before we leave. 

Hair cut  -Check
I think I had hair in my eye
Today I went to my doctor and got my health certificate and my shot record, just in case I needed it. The ride to Central City was so nice. It is such a  beautiful day 
Its a great day for a ride
When I got home ma brushed me out and curled my hair. It helped to take care of the wild hair that I can’t do anything with. Ma says I have a cow lick but I honestly don’t remember getting licked by a cow. 
Will this take care of the cow lick??
Now for the hard decisions.  What color do I paint my nails??? I have more polish than this but these are the ones I like. Last year my nails were red so I don’t want to wear red again. 
What color of nail polish??

Now tonight we will go over everything and make sure out papers are in ma’s purse. I am so excited to go.. I can’t wait. The sessions seem to be bigger, longer and so interesting. I have to give high paw to all the organizers who have spent all year getting BarkWorldExpo put together and a double high paw to Denise Quashie, she is the founder of BarkWorld. You can read more about her and BarkWorld here.> What is BarkWorld??
This year they are adding MeowWorld. I can’t wait to find out more about this!!

Hope you all have a great day. Bark at you more tomorrow! 



  1. You look marvelous Carma! Mom can't wait to meet you and you ma at BarkWorld! I'll be represented by "Flat Prudence" (on a stick, BOL)!

  2. Carma you look fabulous! Have un!Bella and DiDi

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